A newly collared leopard in Tandoureh named after the park

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A newly collared leopard in Tandoureh named after the park

Persian Leopard

During our ongoing capture operations carried out in Tandoureh National Park, a new leopard has been caught and fitted with a satellite collar. This leopard, an adult male weighting around 75 kg, was captured using snare traps set around a waterhole in the park. Immobilization was carried out by Behrang Ekrami, a renowned Iranian vet. We have named our new leopard Tandoureh to remind us how important the park is for the survival of the Persian leopard in Iran and even beyond.

Since 2014, the Foundation has been working in Tandoureh to study the ecology of the Persian leopard, making a comprehensive effort to understand lesser known aspects of the lives of these animals in the montane landscapes of West Asia. So far, a total of six Persian leopards in the area have been fitted with satellite collars, giving us invaluable information about their ranges and behaviour. In turn, this information allows us to design the most appropriate conservation plans for the protection of areas used by leopards throughout Iran.

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