Film featuring Project aired on Netherlands TV

Persian Leopard
Leopards across borders in the Caucasus
November 2, 2015
Pallas's cat
Fabulous images of Pallas’s cat recorded in Sarigol National Park
December 1, 2015

Film featuring Project aired on Netherlands TV

Film featuring

In August 2015, we hosted a film crew from the Netherlands accompanying the renowned wildlife vet Dr Jacques Kaandorp from Safari Park Beekse Bergen to cover the Project’s leopard-capturing operation in Tandoureh. The film, “A leopard comes to the doctor in Iran” (Dutch title “Komt een luipaard bij de dokter in Iran”), produced by Arthur Marres and his crew, was aired in two 15-minute episodes in November 2015 on a number of Dutch and Belgian TV channels. Both episodes received strong positive feedback from the audience.

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