Over the years some fantastic articles have been penned which document the conservation and research work undertaken by the Future4Leopards Foundation. Here we list a number of them in chronological order and with links. At the moment most of these are in Iranian media (media source and language – farsi or english – are given after each title), but the beautiful illustrations that accompany many of the articles will be of interest even to non-Persian readers!

  1. Even Iran’s charismatic species yet to be known (June 2016)
  2. Outcomes of leopard collaring (February 2015)
  3. Story of Borna, Bardia and Borzou, collared leopards (June 2015)
  4. Tracking the Persian leopard (June 2015)
  5. Pursuing the leopard (May 2015)
  6. The Persian leopard: ecology and conservation in northern Iran (March-June 2015)
  7. We do not know enough about the leopards (June 2016)
  8. 35 Persian leopards were counted in Tandoureh (October 2016)