Capacity development

The Future4Leopards Foundation actively shares its findings and expertise with other conservationists, university students, local authorities and policymakers.

Conservation practitioners, namely rangers and experts, are invited to attend workshops on population monitoring, conflict resolution and tracking techniques. Furthermore, all conservation plans within their respective reserves are collaboratively designed and managed in order to enhance organizational capacity building and sustainability.

University students and scholars are also joining our capacity development programs. For example, we support university students who are conducting scientific data collection and analysis for their academic studies in the Foundation’s sites, provided that key problems within these areas are addressed. As part of their commitment, they are required to report on their main findings to the Foundation’s partners.

At local level, Future4Leopards Foundation is developing the capacity of local government authorities through regular workshops and meetings aimed at increasing their understanding of leopard management, as well as simply to ensure the level of social and government support we need. For example, we expect that such improved understanding by local authorities will encourage them to adopt conservation priorities as part of their township management plan.