Media and outreach

The leopard – and consequently the Future4Leopards Foundation – have been lucky to be featured in various media from national TV to local newspapers. Almost all Iranian magazines that cover nature and popular science have run at least one feature on the Foundation’s activities during recent years. Our media campaigns are aimed at raising national and international awareness of the need to protect the leopards.
Additionally, in partnership with the Wildlife Picture Institute (WPI), an award-winning and well-known Iranian wildlife documentary production company, we are producing a documentary about leopard conservation in Tandoureh National Park to be aired on national and regional TV. On release, the film will be shared with local communities for viewing at places where they can gather, particularly mosques, with follow-up discussion. Earlier, in 2011, our partnership with WPI resulted in the production of a film “In Search of the Persian Leopard” which won one of the most prestigious cinema awards in Iran – the Crystal Simorgh at the Fajr International Film Festival.
In another current venture we are making a professional documentary for Iranian National Television and foreign networks emphasizing the importance of Tandoureh National Park in safeguarding the Persian leopard. The film is planned to be aired in 2018 when, besides national TV channels, it will also be shown at local theatres and cinemas.

Persian LeopardCamera Man