Policy and partnership

At the same time as working actively in the field, Future4Leopards pays particular attention to the development of partnerships with organizations relevant to our operations, to policymaking at this organizationel level, and to enhancing managers’ capabilities. For example, the Project’s findings and progress are regularly shared with key stakeholders and decision-makers in the government, from local to national level, in order to strengthen support for leopard protection across the Project’s sites and beyond. Regular meetings are held with these key officials to discuss policy and provide them with the latest information on our activities.
At the international level, the Project’s first priority is to promote trans-boundary partnerships for leopard conservation along international frontiers that transect the current range of the Persian leopard. Accordingly, we attend relevant international meetings with the aim of facilitating the necessary intergovernmental cooperation between countries. In addition, a number of international visits are planned to promote these trans-boundary partnerships for leopard protection in frontier regions as well as to exchange experiences of the conservation of large cats with our colleagues in other countries.