Fleece jacket for rangers

Leopard wall calendar published
March 7, 2017
leopards in a dryland
Counting leopards in a dryland
March 21, 2017

Fleece jacket for rangers


Mountains are extremely cold during winter, especially when you have to patrol occasionally on motorbikes. This is why we are providing local rangers with proper jumpers and fleece jackets, in support of their activities. Thanks to our long-standing friend in the Netherlands, Ali Zolfaghari, we were able to procure 17 Taiga fleece jackets for all rangers working in Bafq Protected Area, one of the Project’s key sites in central Iran. These programs support and motivate rangers, the frontiers in anti-poaching and has been a high priority for the Foundation, since inception.
Currently, 13 rangers are working in Bafq, where is one of the last strongholds for Persian leopard across drylands of central Iran. In 2011, a total of 11 leopards (including 3 cubs) were identified using camera traps in the area, and with close partnership of our local partners, especially rangers and Bafq Volunteers Organization, we are currently working to update the leopard number using camera traps.

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